Saturday, September 11, 2010


ABSENCE TAPES HNW was a short lived record label based out of Santa Ana, CA (USA) specializing in harsh noise wall only releases. The series uniform style was black and white artwork printed on silver metallic stock. HNW

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Void the mind, and destroy all thoughts of process and pre-constructed social order. The first process of Harsh Noise Wall is deconstruction. Disassembly of all learned methods of operation within daily life and social situations.

Total submission to the void requires purification of all things within the mind to become a much more absent, and much more humble catalyst for creation of static walls.

The method requires no true direction and the approach is up to the interpretation of the mason as long as the result is complete and total harsh noise wall. Ideally the process commences upon removing corruptible intent from the individual, and once a clean slate is prepared the individual is encouraged to meditate on what the individual understands and what the individual truly believes in regards to purity.

Upon questioning all prior understanding of purity the individual can become enlightened and cancel out corrupted and untrue social constructs according to the void. [the mentioned void is the concept of purity and absolute nothingness]

To contribute to the void one can either render all ego worthless or dabble in obsession. One can project the feeling of a locked gaze upon the the object of obsession through devout concentration . Where nothing exists except for that one object, concept, theme or image. Or to void the ego one wholeheartedly submits to the idea that nothing exists beyond nothingness.

Total submission to the void demands discipline, a militant attitude towards preservation of purity and an obsessive desire to make all that surrounds one into pure static form or complete silence. If one deviates from the path and creates a supplementary texture not permissible by standards of purity then one has left the void.

The interpretative nature of the human mind is responsible for diversity among static monoliths. Ego and Non-Ego is irrelevant when the wall has been made. Harsh noise wall exists in universal consciousness. One can simply think of static and the wall is there. When one focuses on the surrounding world the wall appears in the natural noises from the earth. Static imitates nature, all things come from nature, and nature came from nothing, but to exist all must be set into motion. You are free to leave this imperfect social construct of reality.

Let nothing corrupt you. Build your walls and live there.

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